You're Not Awesome

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

“Whaaaaat?!” you’re saying. “But...but…” No, you’re not awesome, despite what people might say. You’re probably not capable of accomplishing all those great and glorious things about which people say “if I could do it so can you.” You likely can’t reach the moon and all the stars. You presumably can’t change the whole wide world and land yourself a prime spot in history. Sorry. You’re also not lame. You’re not a self-centred millennial, despite what people might say. You’re probably not into participation trophies, staying in bed until noon, and living with your parents until you’re 45. You likely don’t require endless affirmation or gold stars. You presumably work hard at what you do and dream big, impossible dreams. In other words... You’re normal. And that’s great. Because by buying into either the “you’re awesome” or “you’re lame” mentality, you’re allowing someone else to dictate what you’re capable of, what you’re incapable of, what you want, and what you ought to do with your life. You’re giving into the opinion of someone who’s never met you, and then adjusting your self-image and goals to what they preach as truth. You’re subconsciously adopting the expectations of someone who probably makes money off of what they say and write.   In other words, they don’t know you, they don’t care about you, and they don’t know what’s best for you. You know you. And you care about your future. So stop listening to blanket generational platitudes and instead do some thinking. Figure out what you truly care about and what you want to accomplish. Learn what makes you happy and what allows you to be your best self. Discover what things give you the sense that life is wonderful and that you’re contributing to G-d’s Kingdom. Don’t fall into thinking you’re awesome, because you’ll consistently fall short. You’ll burn out. You’ll be disappointed. But don’t believe you’re lame either just because you haven’t cured Alzheimer's or hit your first one million yet. You’re trying. You’re accomplishing. You’re doing great things in the way that you know how. You’re living life as a normal, striving, struggling human. And that’s okay. In fact, it’s perfectly normal. This is permission to stop stressing about how you’re not living up to the awesome potential you have or that you’re doomed to be a millennial wimp. Stressing isn’t helpful anyway. Instead... Push yourself. Yes, push yourself. You personally, not some obscure internet guru. Despite being a normal human, you can always accomplish more, so don’t be afraid to reach for some of those big, impossible dreams. Know you will also fail sometimes. Probably many times. Again, it’s okay and normal, just like you’re normal. Fantastically normal. Wonderfully normal. You’ll have bad days and doubt yourself. You’ll also impact people and create value. Normal people do stuff like that. It’s part of being human. So live your life on your own awesomely normal terms. Oh, and it probably is best to get off that couch already.

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