Ways You Can Invest In Your Family After Graduation

There is no doubt that time is one of the most valuable things we utilize. We constantly wish we had more time to do that one last task—more time to relax and finish binge-watching that episode of a show— and we wish Friday would hurry up and get here so that we can enjoy the weekend. Time in itself is such a precious thing in the world we live in today! We are costly reminded of how we need to improve on managing it and balance our daily routine between everything we want to achieve and need to complete in a 24-hour span.           Amongst everything that is demanded from us, are we taking the time to focus on what truly matters in our lives? Now that you are either approaching the point where your degree is practically in your hands, or you have achieved your degree, how are you spending your time that you are not spending on studying?           This was one question that I did not consider until after I completed my degree and was reevaluating my work schedule and life goals. I knew that I wanted to strive for a full-time job, but I was concerned that I would not have time to build personal relationships with the important people in my life. I had time for this during my career as a student, but I was not sure how I could manage a full-time job, personal responsibilities, family, friends, etc. My family has always been an important aspect of my life, so I try to make it a priority in my daily routine. Knowing that my family was high on my list of priorities, I knew that I wanted to make sure that I invested in my family and made an effort to do that regularly.  HOW WAS I GOING TO DO THAT?           I proceeded to seek advice from my family and friends on how I can invest more in my family. The overwhelming theme that I received from everyone was that investing time into my family was the most sought after. Family members desire to spend time with you regardless of how it happens and when it happens. People value others taking time out of their day to do something for someone else. Each person is different in the way they appreciate their time is spent with people close to them.           When it comes to making time for your family there are three things to keep in mind: 1.     Find ways to schedule time for your family. Even if that means placing it on your calendar and blocking a set time. Set your self-reminders or create notes, whatever it takes to help you set aside time. 2.     Be intentional when you are spending time with your family. When you are with your family try putting your mobile devices away to eliminate anything that distracts you from fulling engaging with your family. 3.     Engage with your family.  Don’t just go through the motions! Be fully present at the moment and participate in the actives at hand. Ask meaningful questions and be genuine with your actions.

          In my pursuit of advice on how I can invest in my family, I received multiple examples of ways families like to spend time with each other. There were several suggestions! I have listed some of the examples below. These ideas are not listed in any particular order: •    Make time to talk with each family member. Whether it is a phone call, video chat, messaging, or a face-to-face, your family will appreciate the individual time with you. •    Invite your family to join you on your errands or invite them to spend time with you on your outings. •    Helping with tasks around the house, such as cooking, baking, cleaning, fixing things, etc. By offering to aid in with the daily duties that happens everyday, you get to enjoy your family’s company and are being productive at the same time. •    Offer to transport siblings to and from their activities. If you have siblings that are younger than you, offer to drive them to places they need to go. This will give you the chance to spend time with your siblings and help your parents out. •    Take a trip with your family or visit them for the weekend. If you get an opportunity to go with the family on a vacation, try to take the time to go with them. Ask for vacation time at work if necessary!

•    Watch a movie or play a game with your family. Plan a fun activity or fun outing (mini golf, hiking, board games, crafts, etc.)  to do as a family. Get creative!           Spending time with your family will look different for everyone, so brainstorm and discover what will work for you and your family! Family is a true blessing! Cherish each moment and live in the moment! How do you invest in your family now that you have graduated? Written by Cheyanne Flerx