The Introverts 7 step guide to Networking for your dream job

Networking is the key to your future success in your personal and professional life.

Without it, you will not be able to connect with the people who can be your mentor, teach you about life, and encourage you to grow.

With it, you can fulfill your God-given potential and make an impact that is meaningful to you and for the Kingdom.

Before we get started, I want to clear up one thing. Networking here does not mean spamming people and asking them for jobs.

Networking means “a mutually beneficial relationship between two people developed over time.

After reading this report, you’ll understand why networking now, during quarantine, is the best thing you can do to develop yourself and significantly increase your chances of entering the field you want. You’ll also confront 3 false ideas about networking that need to be changed and why those mindsets are keeping you from having the impact and influence you desire for yourself and the Kingdom. Finally, you’ll learn the 7 steps you can use TODAY to get started connecting with people in the field you want to explore.

Why networking now is a great idea

1. Strategically connect with people

Networking online, especially through social media like LinkedIn, allows you to be very strategic in your connections. By strategically connecting online, you enhance your chances of learning more about the field or position that interests you. This is much better than attending a networking event where you might meet only one person that is helpful for you.

For the introvert, this also takes much of the social pressure off of networking. Instead of randomly approaching people at a networking event, you are reaching out to specific people with a specific reason for doing so. This makes connecting much less awkward and helps it feel more genuine.

2. Dig the well before you’re thirsty