Perry's Venom Review

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

I have a rule when it comes to going to the movies: If I pay for a ticket, no matter how bad the film may be, I won’t leave. I have never wanted to break that rule more than during my time watching Venom. I as a film goer love giving movies the benefit of the doubt. I do my absolute best to go into every movie with an impartial attitude. There are movies that I know are quite bad, but I enjoy them anyway. I truly don’t like hating on any movie and try to find the good in any film that I watch. There was next to nothing that I found enjoyable in Venom. Since I am the kind of person who likes to start my reviews off on positive notes, I’ll share the three things I liked about this film: 1. Composer Ludwig Goransson’s score is good, combining sound design and actual music in a cool manner. 2. There was one fight scene towards the latter third of the film that I thought was fun. 3. The film’s runtime is (mercifully) under two hours. That’s it. Everything else aside from the positives (the third of which I hesitate to even call a positive) was utter drivel. Tonally, the movie attempts to juggle comedy, action, and horror, and not one worked. The action was completely derivative of many movies that have come before it. The comedy was completely forced and entirely unfunny. I literally (a word I hate using, but in this instance, I’m not being hyperbolic) laughed a grand total of zero times. And the horror, if you could even call it that, was not frightening in the slightest. The visual effects are also extremely off-putting. During the climactic battle, I honestly thought it looked like two piles of pudding smacking against one another repeatedly.

There is next to no plot to this film. Characters have the flimsiest and most cliché motivations, due entirely to the laziest script I have seen in a film this year. Most of the time, actions simply happen from scene to scene, and then suddenly (and thankfully), the film ends. The film also commits the cardinal sin of wasting some of the most talented actors in the film industry. Tom Hardy is a great actor, and I am a fan of many of his prior films. Sadly, his performance in this movie was terrible. His character waffles between surly and manic, with many strange and unnecessary tics. Michelle Williams, who is one of, if not the best actress working today, was completely wasted. Her screen time amounts to maybe ten minutes in total, and she is given nothing to do whatsoever. Riz Ahmed, who I also like, was your stereotypical monologue spewing, god complex obsessed villain that you’ve seen countless times before. If you couldn’t already tell, I loathe this movie. Venom represents everything I hate about superhero movies, and movies in general. There’s nothing unique in this film, and the film doesn’t even try anything new. Granted, I don’t believe that every movie needs to be entirely different from the next, but when your film is as derivative and honestly boring as Venom was, then that does bother me. Even the end credit scene was bad. Now, as I said earlier, there are many bad movies that I enjoy, and this may very well be one of those movies for several individuals. Unfortunately, I am not one of them. The character of Venom is one of the more interesting villains in the Marvel universe, and it was a shame that his introductory film was completely wasted on this horrible movie. I give Venom One star out of Five.

Written by Perry Cononge

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