Moving from a Small Town to a Big City

Life, as of now, hasn’t changed very much. I still live at home with my family, attend the same church, have many of the same friends, but life is about to change. I am about to move to a big city. A city where traffic is such a problem, that they recommend not even having your own car. A city where people walk around in business suits and look important- because they are. I am very excited about moving there, but I am also having to change A TON of my life habits in the process. I haven’t moved there yet, and I have a LOT to learn.

Here are a few things that I have learned so far in the process of moving to a big city: First off, find some people you know there. Maybe you have family or a random uncle or something. Better yet, put something out on the Unbound Facebook page- find a student who lives there! I think that knowing someone before you move is SO important! They can tell you lots of little tricks and help you out along the way. It helps you and your family feel more comfortable about the entire situation. Second, your wardrobe WILL change. Since I have never worked much in the professional world I own two types of clothes: Sunday clothes and sport/casual clothes. I am beginning to realize that NONE of that will work. I am having to shop for new things and build a brand new wardrobe. While the business side of clothes is changing- check the weather too. Since I live down south and am moving halfway up the map, I am having to buy for cold weather as well. Be sure to check on that before you move! Third, have a life check before you leave. I think this is the most important. I am still in the process of doing it. Spend some time reflecting on your life where you are now. What do you enjoy most about your family? What are some things you want to do before you move? Who are people you want to hug goodbye to? Sometimes even having a goodbye party is a good idea. Just a time to remember and reflect on your years in that hometown. For me, I have never moved (but across the street) out of my small town. I know many of the people here and love many of them. It’s good to have a life check. Make sure you say goodbye to the older folks, because you may never see them again this side of eternity. I don’t mean to be sad, but it’s a good thing that you’ll be glad you did.

Another suggestion is to set goals for your time in the city you are moving to. Every major city has a story. There is always something that draws people to that city- find out what it is. Set sightseeing goals and be a tourist for a day. Moving to DC, I know that there are TONS of things I want to see. I have already started compiling a list of things I want to do while up there. Having a list will keep you on track. AND, it will help you remember what all you’ve seen and done. For me the biggest change is transportation. I am still amazed as the fact that people in DC don’t use cars. Public transportation is a major part of life up there. From a small town where people drive everywhere, this is a change! I am still figuring out how to get from place to place. I think this is the biggest issue for moving to a big city. Getting from place to place can be stressful, that’s for sure. Make sure that you have a plan and a map before you leave. Last, the biggest piece of advice that I can give you (that helped me the most at least) is to visit the city before you move there. Make sure that it’s a place you would be comfortable living at. Walk down some of the neighborhoods and meet the locals. Poke around some of the coffee shops and workout places. See what is out there and what the people are like.

Try the public transportation and see how it works for you. While your there try to see your place of business and the place where you are thinking about living. (sidenote: my housing is taken care of- so major blessing). Having a knowledge (even if it’s small) of the city before you move there is so helpful. It keeps the stress level down and makes you more comfortable about your situation! Now, if you’re a small town student like me and are nervous about moving to the big city- I get that! I am a bit nervous and know that I have a TON to learn. There are people and places everywhere, so we can all learn together. The biggest thing for me is getting outside of my comfort zone and seeing how God will work in my life. It is very exciting to be moving to a big city where the world never sleeps and people are everywhere. BUT, it is also intimidating. I learn things everyday about what I need. I want to leave you with a story. Some of you will laugh at me, I know. I realized that in DC you have to pay for your grocery bags and that it was recommended to bring your own. I told my mother to start saving the Wal-Mart bags. I planned to bring them with me and use them while in DC. A fellow unbound student informed me that bringing my own Walmart bags was not a great idea. It was then that I began to realize- things can really be different in a big city! :) Don’t worry, I found some bags that will work while I’m up there! Written by Peyton Holliday

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