It's Okay To Feel Tired: Conquering Senioritis

You are near the end of your degree - YAY!!!!!! **Que in the confetti!** All of your hard work is paying off and you can see how far you have come. Somehow, that is just not enough motivation to dissipate the overwhelming feeling of desperation to JUST BE DONE WITH SCHOOL!  Am I right? There are a multitude of students at the same point in their degree that feel the same exact way! YOU ARE NOT ALONE OR WEIRD OR A BAD STUDENT! If you are feeling this way at all, I have a few suggestions that could help you out in feeling motivated and successful in your journey towards achieving your degree! Now, these suggestions and tips are from my own personal experience and the advice from several other Alumni that have struggled to push through those last few credits.

1)    Pray!

First of the power of prayer is a POWERFUL THING! Seek the Lord and ask for His provision, His strength, and His wisdom regarding your education and beyond. God will reveal himself to you in His timing, so be diligent in seeking the Lord and study His word.

2)    Keep your eye on the prize

When you are in a groove with your studies, busy with life, or stuck in a rut, it is easy to lose sight of what you are working towards and why. Take time to reflect on why you are pursuing the things you are and re-establish your ultimate vision and passion….. YOUR LIFE PURPOSE! Use your renewed reflections and conclusions as a road map to help you follow God’s will for your life. Create a vision board to help remind yourself of your vision and how it applies to what you are doing currently with and in your studies. The more applicable you make it to your upcoming adventures, the easier it will be for you to be encouraged and recharged to go after your vision.

3)    Track your progress

Tracking your progress on courses, credits, and really anything else helps us to see the progress that we have made. We can then make adjustments or improvements to our plan of action. How do you track your progress with your education, you may ask? There are multiple ways! The most commonly mentioned method by everyone I talked to, and what I personally used, were visuals and S.M.A.R.T goals. Some visuals that have been used with success included countdown methods such as paper chains, countdown clocks/apps, or marking calendars. However, there are probably several other methods that will work marvelously for you, too!

4)    Seek accountability

Everyone needs to be held accountable for something and even though you are pursuing your degree in a completely different way, does not give you a get out of jail free card! If you are the only one keeping yourself accountable, you will quickly find it easy to put things off and procrastinate. Having another person asking you how your progress is coming and encouraging you to stick to your goals will not only help to keep you moving but will freshen your academic journey too!    I cannot tell you how many times my mom and I got into deep discussions on topics from my courses! Not only did this help me to apply and learn what I was studying more, but it helped me to renew my excitement in my studies.    How do you find candidates to help you fulfill your available accountability position? Seek out mentors, your parents, friends, or really anyone who will stay in touch with you and be active in asking you about your progress and your goals. Another great source of accountability is a study buddy! In the Lumerit Unbound Community, you have the opportunity to partner up with other students and study together! There is a Google Hangout group called, Anthill, that holds calls for students who need to study and want the accountability (with a flare of fun) to help them succeed in their studies.  

5)    Know when to take a break

No matter how much you just want to be done with that assignment, course, or with school, it is not good for you to work without any type of break. You need to allow yourself to rest, break loose, and have some fun outside of your studies. Even God rested on the seventh day, right?! With your assignments, try to break your tasks into “bite-sized” chunks or work in timed sessions. I found that motivated me greatly when I didn’t want to complete another section in my course. Try working in 20 minutes study sessions with a 5-minute break in-between or something similar. You do what works best for you! If you are beginning to feel groggy or begin to get easily distracted that is a good time to take a break from your studies.

6)    Change your study environment

Research has proved that changing your study environment actually improves your retention of material you are studying! Try mixing up your study environment by going to a new place to study like a different room in your house, coffee shop, library, or really anywhere you please! Just make sure you can focus and still be productive in your study environment. If you aren’t able to go somewhere else to study try doing small things to mix it up like changing the lighting, change your background noise (change your music genre or white noise), or even change your desk set-up.

7)    Reward yourself

Do you have any fun things planned beyond your studies? Do you celebrate when you have met your study goals or finished a course? Make sure to incorporate some time with friends, family, watch a movie, or just get out and do something that is not school related! Some students have a system where when they finish a course or pass a test, they go out and buy a treat, like ice cream or donuts, with family and friends. What a great way to celebrate and get away from studying! Make the most out of your last few credits and enjoy the journey! Written by Cheyanne Flerx  

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