Flipping the Script

Get a good look at the faces in this picture.

What if your future employers looked at you like this? What if they were confused how you with a marketing degree were applying for a job as video editor? They might wonder why you would even bother. What could someone with a marketing degree bring to a job that is editing videos?

That is where flipping the script comes into play!

Since graduating in 2018 from college with a history degree, my career path has been far from what I had imagined it would be when I graduated. Generally, those studying history go into academia or go teach school somewhere, but I flipped the script.

The degree that you went to school for does not define you. If you studied project management cause you wanted to manage projects what happens if you end up not liking the type of work you do? Are you forever stuck in your field? No! A degree does not define the type of job that you have or work.

As a history major, I took my degree into the project management field. I had not necessarily studied how to manage projects, but I knew how to manage research. History majors learn how to take information and go deep. Project managers do the same things, but only with clients and not dead people.

I say all of this to get you excited about what the future holds. You may have no idea what you will do with that piece of paper called a college degree, but don't let you degree define you. When you are applying for a job, flip to script. Explain to your interviewer how your degree makes you unique for the job.

When you flip the script on what type of degree you have and go for the jobs that you want - even if you are not educated for the job, this opens potential for the jobs that you apply for. Broaden your network and trust that your degree is not what matters, but a willingness to learn and your experience.

With the job force the way that it is today, a willingness to learn is a key part of flipping the script. Employers are looking for people who can bring more to the workplace than just a degree and when you can flip the script on them and showcase your skills beyond a degree, this changes the way you look for jobs.

My encouragement to you is to go searching through your network for people who want to help you out. Go looking for the jobs that get you excited and then flip the script during the interview to focus on what you want to learn, how that job fits your dream, and that your degree does not have to be what they think it has to be.

One small disclaimer, though, is that there are some jobs out there that you do have to specialize in. Not every job is flexible for flipping the script, but for those that are - this is your chance to take what you have learned with Unbound and show how you are more qualified than the degree that you have.

Go out there, find a fun job and make the world a better place. As Unbound Alumni we bring a unique set of skills that every other college graduate does not have. Live that out in your workplace and flip the script on your next future job by showcasing the skills you have learned as an Unbound student.

Here's to adventure!

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