Five Biographies You Should Read This Fall (or just in general)

Reading is something that I have always loved to do. I remember coming home from school wanting to read more and more. As the day would wear on, I would get farther and farther into my book. In my personal room alone, I have 3 bookshelves full of books and some books under the bathroom counter. Reading has been a central part of my life. All of that to say,  college burned me, I read so much and crammed so many little facts into my head I tired of reading. I honestly never thought that that could happen. I didn't think that I would ever tire of it. Now, here I am not so much nerding out over a book, but wanting to go outside and see nature and go for a walk. It’s a really strange turn of events. In light of the turn of events, I am still trying to fill my mind with books and stories and all the fun things! Since fall has settled in and I am settling into life with a job, I am looking to swing back into reading again. On my list of books to read are several biographies. I wanted to share a few of those with you. Reading is such a fun thing to do and you learn so much- especially from biographies.

The First

One biography that I want to sit down and read is actually more of an autobiography. It is called the Gold Cord: The Story of a Fellowship (the book can be found here).  Written by Amy Carmichael, the book goes into details about her work in India. I have heard so many things about the book that I really want to sit down and read it.  I think we should all read books about missionaries at some point or another. Books like these challenge us and bring us to a realization that life is not always a bed of roses. Books like this encourage me to realize how blessed I am.

The Second

Another biography that I want to read is actually one that I desire to reread. I read it back in high school, but that was some time ago. The book is called Unbroken (check out the book here). It’s the true story of a young man who fought in World War Two. If you remember, a movie came out about the book back in 2014. It is a really powerful story. The second part of the movie is out right now, so you should check it out (after reading the book of course). This book will stretch you, challenge you, and encourage you to do the hard things. You can survive a test- and you’ll know that when you finish the book.

The Third

While big thick biographies are very exciting, sometimes we need something that is more elementary and fun to read. There are some sisters that wrote a book about the wife of Martin Luther. The sisters wrote it and there are some beautiful illustrations that go along with the story. While the story is geared more toward children, I found it to be an enjoyable read, and you actually have fun while learning something! Called Katherine Von Bora: Morning Star of Wittenburg, the Strackbein sisters bring to life the story of Martin Luther’s life (the book can be found here). I would recommend checking this out- especially since October 31st is the 501st anniversary of Martin Luther’s 95 thesis. (side note: Luther nailed his thesis over 500 years ago. If Methuselah were alive back then, he would still be alive today and could tell us all about it!)

There are so many, many good biographies it is hard to choose just five. For those, who maybe like me are burned out a bit with reading, here are a couple of suggestions to get your feet wet again.

The Fourth

One suggestion is a newer book, but one that I found to be inspiring. In our world full of people who seem to be going the wrong way and a country that is crazy at times, this book gives me hope. Highlighting a new generation, this book shows young people who are willing to stand up in a world of trash. They are willing to stand up in their workplaces and in their schools, and in various places all over the country. Divided into little sections, this book is perfect for getting your feet wet (here’s the book). No Fear by Tony Perkins, gives hope to America about a new generation and shows YOU what one young person can do. So, take a few minutes a day to read a section here or there, and you’ll be ready before long to pick up the big biographies.

The Fifth

Lastly, is a good book for the month of October and thinking about the Reformation. Written by a well known fiction author, this book highlights the life of Martin Luther through his wife’s personal journal. While the journal elements are fictional, the actual happenings are not. I found the book to be a quick and easy read- perfect for a fall day when the weather is nice. Instead of putting the main focus on Luther, the book brings into light the marriage of Luther and Katherine. I found it to be a uniquely written and enjoyable book- another great book for getting your feet wet with reading. Called Luther in Love and written by Douglas Bond is perfect for the fall (check it out here).


So, spend some time learning about the Reformation and the Luther's this fall. Also, enjoy some other suggestions. Maybe by the time that winter is here, you can be ready to read again. I can’t wait to curl up by the fireplace and read some good books. It’s not just a dream that people can have, but it is a reality. You will be challenged and maybe you won’t enjoy all the books, but I think these suggestions can really make your fall a great one! So, grab a book and a cup of your favorite tea or coffee (or water) and let’s read some biographies and learn! Here’s to reading!

Written by Peyton Holliday

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