9 Job Boards Reviewed

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

When applying for jobs, job boards come up, and they can be useful. Job boards are professional places where you can find specific jobs to what you are looking for or just a bank of job options.

There are many, many different kinds out there. Some require you to pay, some require you to interview, and others are public access. Here are 10 job boards that people use, and hopefully these reviews can help you to know which ones you might like to be a part of. Let’s go:

Angel.co - This is a job board for start-up companies. Lots of companies are looking to hire people for part-time gigs with the hopes of keeping them on full time. If you’re a start-up type person, these can be some really fun job options. A friend of mine found a customer representative job on there, and it has since led her to a remote job as a manager, and she loves it!

Indeed.com - This job board is public access. You will find any and everything on here. It’s a good place to start, but usually, it gets overwhelming with too much information, and everyone is applying for jobs here. It’s a good resource for overviews of what is out there in your field, though.

MajorityHunter.com - This job board is private to those that interview with them. It is perfect for those looking to be in politics, looking for part-time work, or wanting to get an idea of options out there. If you like to travel, there are jobs on here that hire people for short periods of time and pay for their hotel and gas.

LinkedIn.com - More of a professional social platform, you can find jobs on here. This is good for building connections and good to have if you’re wanting to gain more traction when looking for jobs. When people look you up on LinkedIn, they see your professional portfolio and many times this gives them a yes or no. There is a free version and a subscription-based version.

Facebook.com - Facebook has job openings on their website as well. I have personally never used it, but I know some people who have and have found some jobs on there.

Glassdoor.com - This site is a step up from Indeed.com. It has lots of jobs and professionals put all sorts of jobs on here when they are looking to hire. It is free to have an account, and they will send you weekly emails about new jobs are posted on their website in your chosen field.

ConservativeJobs.com - A spinoff of the Leadership Institute in DC, this is a great place to look for jobs with nonprofits and well known conservative activist groups. They have opportunities all over the United States for people in all fields. It is free to get an account.

Upwork.com - This is perfect for people looking to find a part-time job that won’t last long. Lots of freelancers use this website to find work. Many jobs on here are from people just like you who are wanting help with their business or YouTube channel. Some jobs can lead to full time, while others are just part-time. It’s a great place to search for unique and fun jobs!

SmashingMagazine.com - This job board is for IT and Designers. There are opportunities for part-time and full-time work at all levels and abilities.

CreativePool.com - Just like the one above, this is for creatives as well. Companies like Apple post jobs on here, so it’s a great job board to look into if you’re wanting a creative position at a well-known company.

I hope that these jobs boards prove to be helpful in your job hunt. Let me know if you use one of these and find a successful job. Happy Job Hunting!

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