5 Work From Home Jobs You Might Give A Try!

Ever fancy never leaving the house but making money in the process? If you’re homeschooled, you know the feeling of never having to go to a brick-and-mortar school. Working at home is just like schooling at home! Since many Lumerit Unbound Scholars opt to study at home instead of a traditional college, why not work a (fairly) unconventional employment, too?  Working at home is a Millennial ideal. It is more sought after than other traditional Baby Boomer employment benefits, such as retirement and pension benefits. Also called remote work or telecommuting, it now comprises about 24% of all employment. All, if not much of it, requires you to have a constant internet connection and a decent laptop. In this day and age, that isn’t a problem. That means for most of these jobs you can work outside the home, as well as, in a coffee shop or on the beach or traveling. Whenever or wherever. If that sounds good to you, here is a quick list of varied work-at-home jobs. I have worked some of these jobs from home personally. Some may require freelancing or contract work to do. Some may not be enough for a full-time career. If you already have a job at a company that is possible for you to take home, consider submitting a telecommuting proposal to your company to make your position a work-at-home position.

Customer Service Representative

Much of, if not most, entry-level work-at-home jobs are customer service representative positions. It may require a home phone setup. Many times, the company in question will provide the necessary equipment.

Your responsibilities would include answering phones, emails, chats; advocating for the company and the customer; processing refunds and orders; verifying customer identities; knowing about products; looking at customer history; troubleshooting processes, and even sales and upsells.

If you are an introvert, you probably won’t like a phone job as you will sometimes have to answer irate customers. But if you’re friendly and upbeat, it would be a nice entry-level work-at-home job.

Places that offer Customer Service Representative jobs include Apple, Amazon, Convergys, and LiveOps.

Other similar remote jobs: remote technical support, email support.

English as a Second Language Teacher

Do you have an English degree? Consider becoming an online ESL teacher.

There has been an explosion of English teaching jobs in recent years. And not only overseas English teaching, but also online teaching. If you are willing to work some odd and early morning or evening hours, this might be a good fit for you. Most require a four-year degree and some teaching experience. Some may require teaching certifications.

Depending on which company, you may set your own hours, you may be required to teach a specified curriculum, or you might simply be required to speak native English. Many of the companies are for Asian and South American students, although there are programs for teaching adults and those in business.

Like other remote jobs, you may go the freelance route or be hired by a company. Different companies that employ ESL tutors and teachers include VIPKid, Englishunt, Open English, and iTalki.

Other similar remote jobs: online tutor, course facilitator, course maker.

Virtual Bookkeeper Handy with math and records? Have some basic accounting skills? Consider becoming a bookkeeper for a business. Proven virtual bookkeepers command up to $60 per hour. With online bookkeeping, it is important to be able to navigate real-world problems and being proactive. Communicating closely with clients is a must. Reconciling a bank account, keeping meticulous records, preparing invoices, and doing other transaction-based activities are the responsibilities. The website LearnToBeABookkeeper.Com is a good place to start learning how to be a virtual bookkeeper. Other similar remote jobs: certified public accountant, virtual assistant. There are plenty more jobs working at home. Some are partial remote employment from companies. Some are fully remote. Some are freelancing and business opportunities. Some pay fairly well. Some don’t pay much at all. However, for the freedom, to some, it is worth it. And those who build off their employment into a business often have a way higher income potential. Some of the jobs I listed may not fit you at all as a person. Since much of work at home opportunities are scams, I recommend the following websites to find remote jobs: The Penny Hoarder, WAHA Adventures, The Work At Home Woman, Work From Home Happiness, and Real Ways To Earn Money Online. My personal experience with work-at-home jobs is worth noting. All my “real”, paying jobs have been work-at-home jobs. My first job was from a call center based in my hometown that has at-home agents in addition to in-center agents. That job is what got me through Unbound (College Plus back then). Today, I work multiple jobs that I can set my schedule to. It gives me the freedom to travel at least once every other month, save a lot on gasoline, set my own schedule, go into ministry for church, and even help build online businesses in addition to working at home. Whatever employment route you choose, you are Unbound. Written by Aubrey Matney 

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