2020 Reading Challenge

As life gets busier, reading can be one of those things that gets left by the wayside for other important things. But this time, for the new year and the new decade, I’m challenging you. I’m challenging you to read one book a month during the new year. If you’re like me, it’s something that is going to take extra time, concentrated effort, and commitment. But there are ways you can keep up with your goal and make the challenge even more fun.

Find a Way to Track Your Goal

There are so many ways you can keep track of the books you read:

  • Keep a book log in a notebook.

  • Create a Goodreads account. You can even write a review when you’ve finished your book.

  • Use a Pinterest board and get a visual of the covers when you skim through your collection.

  • Share the challenge with others and create a Facebook group, posting your progress with your chosen books.

Do Some Research

Try doing a little research before deciding which book you’ll read next. There are so many books out there, and part of the fun is searching for your next read! Use this time to branch out and make some new and fun discoveries. You can read through blog posts, reviews, and even look into the authors’ stories themselves.

2020 Reading Challenge Ideas

  1. A novel written in 1920

  2. Choose from the Newbery Medal and Honor Books from the previous decade

  3. A book based on a true story

  4. Something recommended by a friend

  5. A translated book

  6. Explore a new genre

  7. Read a novel with nonhuman characters

  8. Reread an old favorite

  9. A book for or about your field of study/vocation

  10. Something from your high school syllabus

  11. Pick from your TBR stack

  12. A work written by a local author

Purchasing Tips

Books can be expensive sometimes, but there are ways you can save on your next book haul.

  • Thriftbooks.com is my favorite website for finding good book deals. More often than not, you can find many novels for $5 or less, not including shipping costs.

  • Buy used books on Amazon for lower prices.

  • Find used book stores and book sale conventions.

  • Use your local library. Many libraries now have digital platforms where you can borrow eBooks and audio books.

I am so excited to do this challenge this year! So what do you plan to read? I would love to hear about them in the comments!

Written by Alexandria Garcia