10 Things To Do On The Weekend That Aren't Watching A Movie

This is a hard article for me to write for one specific reason: I love watching movies! Movies occupy a large amount of my brain functions throughout my days. So, for me, a self-proclaimed cinephile to write an article on things that you could do on the weekend outside of watching a movie seems downright preposterous, right? Not necessarily, because while I may adore the world of film, I realize that we live in a world where there is much more to do with our precious time than just passively watching a movie. So, let’s explore a few ways in which we can attempt some alternative activities to make the most out of our weekends. 1.      Read a Book Odds are, this is a no-brainer for many of you. Reading is the passion of many, and a fantastic alternative to watching a movie. Reading requires effort on the part of the reader, and a vivid imagination to fully flesh out the worlds in which they currently inhabit. Additionally, reading a book is a great opportunity to learn, reduce stress, and improve your memory. 2.     Exercise I’m going to be honest with you, working out is just no fun sometimes. You get sweaty, experience muscle fatigue and soreness, and generally feel like you’ve been beaten by large sticks. From my description, you might say, “Gee, this guy makes working out seem like torture!”, and at times it feels just that way. However, working out your body yields results so beneficial to your daily living that it is hard to ignore. Exercising increases your energy, improves mental clarity, and helps you sleep better! So instead plopping down on the couch to binge on The Office for the ninth time, why not attempt some good old-fashioned cardio instead? 3.     Spend Time with Friends and Family The previous two activities on this list are often done by yourself. While some of us prefer to spend our time doing solitary activities (myself included), one cannot deny how much more fun it is to do activities with other people. And when you’re with other people, the options for activities are limitless! When you’re with friends you can talk, go for walks, play board games, go out to eat, you name it. Spending time with other people is a great way to experience life, and to just have fun. 4.     Plan a Weekend Trip A lot of people join the Unbound program in part because they want to do things outside of homework and study. What better way to spend a weekend than on the road? Even local travel on the weekend could be fun. There’s always little nooks and crannies worth exploring in your hometown. Look for what interests you, whether that’s historic buildings, a new coffee shop, old record stores, or antique shops. There’s always new and exciting places near where you live that you never even knew existed. Exploring the world that God created can provide many great discoveries of things both old and new. 5.     Volunteer for a Community Service Project Weekends don’t have to be just about doing the most fun things, either. But that’s not to say that volunteering your time can’t be fun. It’s all in what you make of it. Try and find a cause that you support and see if they have any upcoming events where you can give of your time. Volunteering is a fantastic opportunity to help worthy causes further their missions, all the while giving you the ability to serve your community. 6.     Learn a New Hobby Most people have hobbies. But where does it say that you’re only allowed to have one? Some enjoy fishing, while others find happiness in shooting short films, or making crafts. Why not take up a sport, learn how to become a quality photographer, sign up for dancing lessons, or go on a hike? Hobbies are productive ways in which you can utilize your own unique gifts and abilities to make or do something special 7.     Go Bowling Who doesn’t love bowling? 8.     Learn How to Cook I’m going to assume here, but I’ll bet that if you’re reading this, you’ve eaten food at least once in your lifetime. We all love to eat, but what if you could learn how to make your own food? Making food is like any artistic activity, you have a few basic rules that apply to everyone, but you also have a lot of freedom to experiment and create. You can learn how to make your own bread, pizza, ice cream, and so much more. 9.    Visit a Museum Natural history, modern art, classic art, aquariums, sports history, you name it, and there’s probably a museum for it. Museums are (in my opinion) great ways to be exposed to many different cultures, histories, and ideas. They’re usually budget friendly and are great activities to do with friends. 10.   Go to a Theme Park Some people are probably not fans of theme parks, whether it be because of crowds, fear of heights, heat in the summer, etc. But there’s no denying the amount of fun that can be had at theme parks. From the wide variety of rides, places to eat, arcade games, and shows, there’s so much you can do and see at a theme park that is pure fun. Now, this is by no means a comprehensive list of everything you could do on the weekend outside of watching movies. There’s still so much that you can do, and the only limit is your imagination (cliché as that sounds, it’s so true!). Coming from a dedicated cinephile, I realize the weekend is about much more than simply popping in a movie. Life must be experienced, so why not try, and live your weekends to the fullest? Written by Perry Cononge

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