10 Missions Trips For Your Twenties

Alright! You are out of college, or almost out of college and you are wondering what to do with yourself. Well, maybe you should take a missions trip. There are many organizations out there that do both short term and long term missions. You should check some of these organizations out! They are all quite amazing and offer unique things. 1. Global Outreach International - This organization gives you the tools to lead your own missions trip. If there is somewhere that you would like to go and minister, contact them and they will get you set up! This group is also unique because there are no requirements to be a missionary. You just have to have a heart for the Lord, and be willing to serve. You can do short term or long term. 2. Eight Days of Hope - Maybe you just can’t do a missions trip for more than a few days. Well, there is a group called Eight Days of Hope. All you have to do is sign up and spend eight days in a natural disaster area serving and sharing the Gospel with those affected by the disaster. This is a great organization that is fun to serve with. You get to meet people from all over the country who come together for missions. 3. Hope Reigns - If you like to work with natural disasters in general, Hope Reigns is a sub team of Eight Days of Hope. They are a rapid response team that goes as soon as possible to disaster areas and stay for several weeks. It is a great way to help other here in the United States for a longer period of time. 4. Overseas Missions Fellowship International - This organization was formerly called the China Inland Mission and started by Henry Hudson. They have a long history of sending out missionaries to China and other places overseas. The unique thing about the OMF, is their history and their steadfastness of sending missionaries to places for over one hundred years. They have short term and long term mission opportunities. 5. Amazima - What if traveling isn’t your thing? Well, there are opportunities to serve by donating money. This ministry was started by a young lady named Katie in 2008. Katie works in Africa and serves through adopting children. She has an amazing story, but she can also use support through finances. Maybe God is calling you just to donate to missions. That is always a way to help others. 6. Salvation Army - Sometimes actually taking a missions trip is not possible. Maybe work calls you or your family calls you. Then volunteering at a local Salvation Army could be a way for you to be a missionary. My local Salvation Army has opportunities to serve food, stock the food pantry, love on others, or just help out in wherever there is a need. It’s also a fun way to get to know local people and serve those right out your front door. 7. Missions in Ecuador - If you want to travel overseas and have some fun, why not go with your fellow Unbound students? The Unbound community takes a missions trip to Ecuador each year. This would be a fun way to serve the Lord right alongside your fellow students! You should check it out! 8. International Missions Board - This is a group of Baptists that do missions all around the world. They have amazing opportunities to go into unreached people groups and share the Gospel. They have strenuous requirements to go, but the experience will leave you forever changed. Maybe you want to devote several years to missions. This organization has amazing ways of sharing the Gospel, and great teams to help you go! 9. Mission Nanny - What if you are a lady looking for a unique opportunity to serve? Well, here you go! This a a group of people who match ladies with a family. You get to serve a missions family while they work. Sometimes you are homeschooling kids, cooking, or just being there of the family. It is a great opportunity for serving with others. 10. Global Encounters - This is a short term missions trip group that is always looking for people to join them. They to medical trips, ministry trips, and many other options. The best part is that they travel all around the world. You get to have an experience in a part of the world that you would like to go to. Here, I have mentioned several different types of mission experiences that are out there. Many of them are unique and unbound from the traditional way of doing missions. So, branch out a little and take a trip not only for yourself, but to serve others, meet new people, and make a small difference somewhere in the world.

Written by Peyton Holiday          

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