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Meet The Team


Jonathan Dagerath

Director of Learning & Development, Unbound Legacy

Through his work with Unbound Legacy, Jonathan provides alumni with opportunities to continue their growth and learning through classes targeted towards personal development, growth, and leadership.


Donnie Emmack

Executive, Unbound Legacy

Donnie enjoys working with Unbound Legacy because they are able to provide unique opportunities for Unbound Students that are unparalleled in the academic world. Donnie's goal is to help new Alumni avoid the dreaded, "What am I going to do now?" phase that he faced when he graduated.


Matthew Rocke

Director of Strategy & Operations, Unbound Legacy

Through his work with Unbound Legacy, Matthew seeks to provide alumni with the opportunity to network with others through in-person events and online community. Matthew also strives to find unique opportunities for career and personal development for alumni.

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